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Creates a new GUID (Globally Unique Identifier), displays it in the application, and allows you to copy the GUID for use in other applications.

This is an excellent tool for developers needing to generate GUIDs for the applications that they're working on. GUIDs are used everywhere in application development, so this tool lets you generate them in a Windows 10 style application.

You can create as many GUIDs as you need, format them into the correct form for your code, and then copy them so that they can be pasted into your favorite IDE. Also, the app implements copy functionality, so that the GUID can be shared with other applications, like your favorite IDE.


  • Creates random Guids on your device.
  • Select how the Guid will be formatted (from 7 different Guid formats).
  • Copy the Guid to the clipboard to use in your development environment.
  • Settings page and UWP page navigation.


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