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Blog for me to share learning and information about building apps on the new Windows platform.

  • Resources for Orchard

    Tags: Orchard

    Putting together this website and doing some simple customizations in Orchard, I ran across several good sources of information and tools, so wanted to share them:

    Orchard documentation

    Orchard … more

  • Setting Up New Site in Orchard CMS

    Tags: Orchard

    I used Orchard CMS to set up this website. It makes it quick to publish a working site that lets authors post content and blogs. Though the UX is minimal at this point, I was able to get this site up … more

  • Welcome to DarthPedro's Blog!

    Welcome to my new site and blog. I've had both sites and blogs posted in other places, but as part of my technology learning, I'm now hosting my own site on Azure web sites. This will give … more